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Table of Contents, Discourse on the Method  (180 annotations)

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Discourse on the Method of Rightly conducting the Reason and seeking for Truth in the Sciences by Descartes, published in 1637 is a foundational text not only of modern philosophy, but also of modern thought in general. Whether or not Descartes can justifiably be called the "father of modern philosophy,"... more

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General Information

Publication Year: 1637
Summary: The Discourse on the Method is one of the most influential works in the history of modern science. It is a method which gives a solid platform from which all modern natural sciences could evolve. In this work, Descartes tackles the problem of skepticism which had been revived from the ancients by contemporary authors such as Michel de Montaigne. Descartes modified it to account for a truth that he found to be incontrovertible. Descartes started his line of reasoning by doubting everything, so as to assess the world from a fresh perspective, clear of any preconceived notions.
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